Welcome to  Arowana Shop Online, a professional breeder of the Dragon Fish, the Asian Red Arowana. All our  Arowanas are CITES approved for worldwide trade. We hope that you will enjoy surfing through our web pages. Your feedback and comments are welcome

Our Mission!We owe no excuse for being the best.

We aim to be the premier producers of high quality farm-bred Arowanas in the world .We seek to promote the hobby of keeping Arowanas and will endeavor to help all hobbyist fulfill their dreams of keeping the most beautiful Arowana.

We offer quality asian red arowana and other Arowana for sale online.We believe that the Arowana must be preserved in its natural habitat and that Arowana trading must be restricted to captive-bred F2 & above generation stock.


I have never had such a success buying arowana online. My fishes arrived safely and are doing great with us..

Tina Liu (USA)

Your customer service is superp and your shipping time is the best so far. Thank you for my Super red arowana. :).

John Chang (Canada)
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Best Sellers:

Super Red Arowana
Premium Quality Super Red Arowana - Available Now.

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Platinum Crossback
They have a rich golden appearance often contrasted against strong base colouring.

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24K Gold Arowana
This creates an unusually rich presence of colour that they have refined over time to create this beautiful variety. .

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Red Tail Golden
The Red Tail Golden is the first of the lower priced Arowana to generate true scale colour.

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